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WOW!! What a great, caring, compassionate and professional staff! Thank you all for restoring my vision. God Bless all of you!
-Buck S

The staff inspired my confidence in quality care from initial greeting all the way through until the farewell. I really appreciate the availability of staff to answer my follow up questions too.
-Martha H

My son was treated like a King. His comfort was met with a very well thought out plan to make him aware of every aspect. Thank you all so much!
-Renee G

Dear Folks at Eagle Eye Surgery & Laser Center,

I received your mailing concerning my surgery removing a cataract in my left eye. I am sorry to say the numbers rating the services of my doctor and staff and all personnel involved do not have a scale high enough to truly give the evaluation I would like to give.

I have been in hospitals in New Jersey, Virginia and here in Idaho. I can say nothing negative about the service I have received in any of the facilities I have been to. I felt I was treated fairly from courteous doctors and staff as well.

In all honestly you people, and I regret I cannot name each and every individual who assisted me, have achieved the highest standards I have ever been exposed to in the field of medicine. From first meeting the people who signed me in, up to the doctor who gave me back when the most beautiful, vivid color I had forgotten were there. I felt like royalty. The person I spent the most time with prior to surgery was the nurse who kept putting the drops in my eye. I felt as comfortable as if I had known that lady all my life. The man who administered the anesthesia was excellent also.

The nurse in the O.R. wrote a cute little note concerning my comfort and vision. Everything happened so quickly in that room I lost track of who was or was not in the room. Someone told me, "Henry your job is to look into the little light," which was a small piece of apparatus wheeled in front of me. The next thing I remember is the doctor telling me, "Henry, you did very well."

I was able to see the first day clearly without the steam on the window (eye). The cloud I looked through was gone and my vision was much better in my left eye. The nurses note said that they hoped I was comfortable and that my vision is better. Both of those hopes became a reality. As I write this, I am using my glasses but no longer using bifocals. I only wear glasses to read and with enough light can read without them.

I thank one and all of you folks for giving me a "life changing experience". Thank you also for the plant and photo of myself and my doctor.
-Henry K.